Semi-Permanent Brows

A semi-permanent solution to sparse, over-plucked, over-waxed and thinning brows. It is ideal to cover scars and gaps, define shape, create arch and fill in the brows. Microblading allows to construct natural looking eyebrows for people with little to no brow hairs.  The procedure can be done on both men and women. It is a manual method of depositing a small amount of ink in the outer layer of the skin without reaching the dermis. The thin needle allows to create very fine, crisp hair strokes that resemble your hair pattern and do not blur after healing. Powder Brows is done using a machine method and mimics a tinted look rather than hair strokes. Both methods can be combined to create a Combo Brow.

Results can last up to 2 years with a touch up recommended once a year. Powder Brow retention is a bit longer, and great for candidates with oily skin.

Don't know which option is best for you? Send us an email with a photo to evaluate or book a consultation!

Lasting Results


Prima Beauty Studio masters custom blend colors to match your natural brow hairs. We choose eyebrow shape, color and intensity according to the facial features and preferences of our client. Our technician uses a topical anesthetic to numb the brow area for added comfort.  There is no downtime associated with the treatment.  Please read Aftercare/FAQ's page prior to scheduling.